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CadGL 3D Configurator Brings Luxury To Your Online Store

Flat 2D pictures from online galleries that don’t accurately portray color or design are a thing of the past. Wow your customers with stunning 3D customizable representations of your luxury products with CadGL’s 3D Configurator. Our configurator produces an interactive 3D file of your product in real-time that you can immediately upload to your online store. Your global clientele can then customize, manipulate, and navigate through a 360-degree rotating view as if they were shopping in person. This means less guesswork, fewer returns, and a more satisfied customer.

3D Configurator E-commerce: A Blissful Union of Luxury and Technology

At CadGL, we have worked in traditional 3D rendering software for over a decade, which inspired us to develop the most technologically advanced 3D Configurator that produces stunning visualizations of the luxury products you offer to replace lackluster e-commerce photography for good. 3D means your audience doesn’t just see a product; they also get to have an interactive experience with the product before purchasing.

What is WebGL (Web Graphics Library) technology?

WebGL is a JavaScript library that displays 3D images in a web browser. It requires no plugins, meaning you don’t have to download anything to use it and no fancy computer is required to house it.

Adaptable Technology: Revolutionizing Your Online Store

Using our 3D Configurator, powered by WebGL technology, is simple: upload an OBJ file of your product to our platform and your file will be instantly converted into an interactive 3D visualization. You can then create templates using our vast library of existing styles and configurations to match the look of your product. Your stunning 3D product visualization can be immediately housed and viewed in your online store, ready for customization and purchasing.

The quality of the files that our technology produces is higher than any other that exists, and it is constantly evolving. As the products that you offer evolve, so can your 3D configurator. This technology is adaptable to nearly all luxury markets and adding new products and features is a breeze. 

Whether you are a large jewelry studio, a small clothing designer, or a midsize luxury shoe reseller, we have a customized subscription that fits your company’s needs.


The Interactive 3D E-commerce Experience: Our 3D Configurator Capabilities

Customization makes clients feel like they are getting a higher quality product, which in turn increases customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty towards a company. Our technology lets your website visitors configure infinite product specifications and interact with them from every angle. This is what online shopping looks like in the 21st Century.

  • A 360° View: Clients can configure their purchases to their liking and inspect all 360 degrees of it. They can zoom out and zoom in on specific details, pan across a product, and rotate over the whole image duisplay. Every nook and cranny can be investigated.

  • Library of Materials: When you sign up for any of our subscription plans, you have instant access to our library of thousands of recognizable and ready-to-use materials, textures, colors, and styles to be applied to your prodct. For example, you can use the database to configure the details of a handbag’s straps and contour options to save as a customizable luxury bag in your online store, ready for purchase.
  • Shareability: Customers can easily save and share their customizations, meaning they can have friends and family involved in the purchase, making it that much more special.
  • Specific Elements: You will choose what options will be available to select and edit on a given product as each product uploaded will be broken down into layers. To edit only one layer, like the lining of a purse, simply select the lining, and all the customized options will appear. 
  • No Sticker Shock: Clients will be able to see how a customization affects the price instantly, making for no surprises at checkout. 
  • Instant Gratification: While other 3D Configurator services take time to produce, ours is instant, meaning you can immediately use the images in live time during client consultations. 
  • An Online Showroom: As you begin to use this technology with your clients, you will also be building a private or public gallery of customized products that have been purchased. These customizations can be shared and featured on your website. You may find that a product that you designed with a client becomes one of your best sellers!
It is truly as easy as uploading your OBJ file and the 3D interactive visualizations of your product will be ready to be shared, viewed, and customized on mobile devices and desktops alike. 

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What Is to Come: Augmented Reality in Your E-commerce Store

Augmented Reality product presentations are both the future of CadGL and the future of all e-commerce platforms. Augmented reality in e-commerce markets is the next phase in our plan to revolutionize luxury online shopping. We are currently fine-tuning our AR technology to provide clients with a more immersive online shopping experience. Using AR will be as simple as opening your mobile camera and hovering over where you want to try out your product. Your client can experience a product before ever spending a dime.

Concrete Client Benefits of 3D Product Configurator

  • A Customized Gift: Buying luxury gifts online will finally be foolproof. A client in the market for an engagement ring can simply use a photo of their partner’s hand to test size and gemstones in real-time.
  • A Drop in Returns: The number of product returns will plummet as AR provides an accurate virtual fitting.  A man looking for a business suit will find that the design, color, and fit of a suit will be the same with AR as it is sitting on his body. 
  • A Dynamic Shopping Experience: “This is the one!” A woman shopping for the perfect cocktail dress can do the same spins and detailed mirror examination of a product with AR as they would in a department store.
  • A Test Drive: Nothing converts like a test drive. AR can put a person shopping for a sports car in the driver’s seat. 
Give your clients a chance to not just see, but also experience your luxury product with AR technology before they make a purchase. 

Learn About the Future of 3D Configurators

Augmented Reality Product Presentations: Who Does It Serve?

(Hint: More People Than You Might Think!)

The potential selling power and client satisfaction of the 3D Configurator is immense. Everyone involved in your product’s life cycle will reap the benefits of our technology.
  • Your Artists and Producers: Give justice to the designs that Your Artist and Producers create with more accurate and sharp interactive 3D representations in your online store. 
  • Your Marketers: Your Marketers will notice that the 3D luxury product visualizations will naturally drive potential buyers to your site. They can then wow potential clients on your site with an optimized online portfolio of accumulated customized product presentations.
  • Your Sales Team: With the speed of our 3D visualizations, your Sales Team will work more closely and quickly with customers. They will guide clients along the buyer's journey in a way that online retail stores, with only flat 2D photos, cannot. Ever! Live, customized interaction with clients will help lock in sales and open you up to higher conversion rates, repeat buyers, upselling, and referrals.
  • Your Clients: Clients who are involved in the creation of a product have a stronger emotional connection to a piece, and are more willing to spend more money on it. Just having the personalized and interactive elements in your online store will instill a sensation of possession in Your Client: they have to have it. 

Properly portraying your luxury items in a realistically stunning manner is what we, here at CadGL are great at. But we are constantly evolving. Our obsession is developing and improving our product to, in turn, help sell yours. We have the key to the future of e-commerce luxury sales. To turn the key and open the door to a whole new level of business, get in touch to customize your 3D Configurator package today.