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3dShop is a fully featured eCommerce Platform Customized for Jewelers

Loaded with 200 designs displayed with 3 metal color renderings and 3D animations.
Packed with great features and a powerful pricing module.

1st year hosting & updates are included

Following years:

  • 3dShop  hosting will cost 200 € /year
  • Software updates is 300 € /year (optional)

200 STL files for your shop

Read about our special 200 STL Pack offer, for 3D Shop Owners only.

  • 200 jewelry designs from our latest collection
  • Buy 200 STL files pack for 3dShop owners
  • 40% discount on all STL files and alterations in CadCenter
  • High quality realistic renderings & 3D animations
  • Create & manage multiple storefronts using one admin backend
  • Let your customers add their own markup (wholesalers)
  • Advanced pricing module made by jewelers for jewelers
  • Insert your logo, banners, colors & background
  • 3dShop comes loaded with 2 beautiful responsive templates
  • Add your own designs to the database
  • Fully responsive & optimized to work on all devices
  • Manage your mailing list to send Newsletters
  • Major payment gateways pre-installed
  • Tell your stories using our built in Blog
  • One year free access to CadCenter & Catalog mode
  • Buy with 1 click
  • SEO tools
  • Convenient Admin Panel

Get one year help & support + initial setup for 500 €
During the first year, you will get Premium services with unlimited support by email and initial training live. We will make sure your site is under control with daily backups and monitoring.

Easy start
Just give us your logo, colors, banners & Domain name, we will setup your website.

We will show you

  • How to setup colors and background
  • Upload / create new products
  • Price configurator management
  • Create product options
  • How to setup new storefront
  • Prepare & insert banners
  • Create links in top menu and footer
  • Link your site to social networks
  • Setup access to real-time customer analytics

Connecting your Domain name to 3dShop

1 - If you already use a domain with your website, you can create a subdomain to be used with 3dShop:
- Go to your cPanel (if you don't have access to cPanel, ask your webmaster).
- Create a subdomain.
- Go to DNS Zone Editor; the A record of the sub-domain must point to our server's IP address:
2 - If you want to use your domain name:
- First let us know your Domain name
- Then go to your domain name provider's website (if you don't have access, ask your webmaster).
- Change the NS (Nameserver) server info. We will send you private email with information.

Not all domain hosting companies are the same and there may be some different instructions to do what we are requesting. If you are having any problems following the above instructions, just ask your domain hosting company for assistance.

500 € includes hosting & unlimited updates for 1 year
- 3dShop  hosting will cost 200 € /year
- Software updates is 300 € /year (optional)

It’s important to regularly update your 3dShop ecommerce store :

Say, DHL updates its software and now this shipping method doesn’t work in your country. Or PayPal adds new cool functionality, and you can’t use it in your old 3dShop version. In these cases, we quickly update the integration with 3rd-party services and include the update in the new version. You upgrade, and voilà—DHL works again, and you can benefit from new PayPal features.

Or here’s another case. You’re running an old version without responsive design and deep SEO features. As a result, you’re losing 50% of leads because your web store is not mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized. The latest versions have it all.

Server technologies are being continuously developed, too. Server software becomes faster, more powerful, and secure. We continuously monitor such updates and keep 3dShop compliant with the latest server technologies. This guarantees speed, stamina, and security of your online store.

Of course it’s up to you to upgrade or not. But keeping your store 100% is definitely worth those 300 €.

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